5 year plan

I finally caught up on Ozark last night. I know I’m late to the game, but for a while I was getting stress dreams about drug cartels coming after me and needed to take a break. But with a show that good, of course I had to come back to finish it.

Wendy asked her brother Ben what he would want in five years. Not a new concept. In fact, I think it’s probably a pretty basic one for someone who learned how to plan or set goals. But I did learn that. And while I have some vague picture of a direction I’d like to go in, 5 years sounds much more bite-sized. In fact, I could perhaps even use it to frame how I make my decisions. It’s almost like the life I’m living now creates the life I’ll be living in, say, 5 years.

Like I said, I’m late to the game.

But not too late. I’m here now. Trying to think of concrete things I want in my life by 2026. What a space-age sounding year. But that puts me at almost 38, another nutty sounding number!

So here we are, a few things I’d like in the next 5 years:

I want to have more creative endeavors in my life

I’d like to be a mom by that point

I’d like to have written or started writing a book

I want to compost, get rid of my grass lawn, and reduce my carbon footprint

I want to help people

I want to live a life of hospitality- I am intrigued by the idea of dinner parties, cookbook clubs, and regular family dinners, as well as having an open-door policy

I want to be an advocate for mental and women’s health

I want to make grown up changes for my home, like an whole-house humidifier or a water softener

Also I want my car to be paid off, obviously

So there is mine. What are some of your 5 year goals?

Author: Abbi Mast

I'm a massage therapist, a bit of a dreamer, and SSRI success story (ongoingly). I'm an outgoing introvert, Hufflepuff, cat mom, avid reader, aspiring hippy, and lover of deep conversations over almost any liquid (y'know, coffee, tea, wine, beer, kombucha, water...)

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