Happy New Year- 31

This applies to no one but me, but my birthday was a little over a week ago. I’d like to think it’s a new year. I accomplished some stuff. I didn’t accomplish other stuff.


I went on a trip to Hawaii. INCREDIBLE food, people, scenery, FOOD. Went with a lifelong friend from college. Packed for eight days in a single backpack! Personal growth.

I also went on a trip to New Orleans. I learned to make pie from Joy the Baker. I gained confidence to hand-make the crust. I had good and hard conversations with my best friend from middle/high school. I ate beignets. I re-learned a hard lesson about being over 30 and wearing the wrong shoes to walk around in.

I developed a new collection of cookbooks. Who knows why? I barely cook. But, oh— I dream.

I started a new church group. We’re going through a 3 workbook series talking about God and our lives and laughing and talking serious and honestly, drinking a lot of beer. Amen.

I went through a rough slump. And I do mean rough. I began clawing my way back out around January. Hawaii and the sunshine helped. Friends helped. Netflix helped. Honestly.

I quit my office job to do massage full time. This was a good move.

I applied for Grad School. Recently. Like… a week ago. I’m anxious, to be honest.

I’ve heard the message over and over about connecting with your body. I’m learning. I try to stretch more often. I’ve signed myself and my sister up for 3 5ks this summer. I haven’t started training.

I’ve eaten an awful lot of cake. And loved every piece.

I got a roommate! I don’t live alone for the first time in SEVEN years.

I have doubted myself. And believed in myself. I’ve found strength in the music of Lizzo. She’s teaching me how to be a bad bitch. I need the lessons. I will learn.

Author: Abbi Mast

I'm a massage therapist, a bit of a dreamer, and SSRI success story (ongoingly). I'm an outgoing introvert, Hufflepuff, cat mom, avid reader, aspiring hippy, and lover of deep conversations over almost any liquid (y'know, coffee, tea, wine, beer, kombucha, water...)

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