Attitude is everything

During my childhood, I was frequently called out for my attitude. Through my actions, my words, and DEFINITELY my face, you could see every vile thought I was thinking. Unfortunately for everyone involved, it was the 90s. My instructions were to change my attitude, but there were no strategies given. So, I mostly just learned how to hide the attitude.

Then along came depression and anxiety, which I didn’t have words for a the time, but I knew how they made me think and feel. (Spoiler: not fantastic). But years of dealing with these and learning how to cope, I also learned a few things about improving my thoughts, and therefore, my attitude (in general, or towards something specific).

I say all this to say… this week SUCKED, business-wise. I had 3 massages all week, until today. Today I had 4 back to back. This is not unusual for Saturdays, but to be honest, I’m usually not thrilled about it. I know I’m going to have to talk to so many people. I know I’m going to end the day tired and sore. I spend even Friday night dreading it.

This week, I tried a different tack. Because this week was so slow, I barely made any money. So when I saw the 4 appointments, I got excited! I got READY! I knew this was the way I make money and provide for myself (and my cats, let’s be honest).

I just finished up my day. I’m tired, but amazingly, not exhausted. I’m not sore. I had a great day. Because I went in with a different attitude, I had a much better day than I normally anticipate. Hooray for great days and making money and better attitudes!

What are you dreading? How can you change how you’re feeling about it?

Author: Abbi Mast

I'm a massage therapist, a bit of a dreamer, and SSRI success story (ongoingly). I'm an outgoing introvert, Hufflepuff, cat mom, avid reader, aspiring hippy, and lover of deep conversations over almost any liquid (y'know, coffee, tea, wine, beer, kombucha, water...)

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